Everyday English (6-Week Course)

  • Length: 6 weeks
  • Level: A2 - C1 
  • Activities: 78
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This 6-week course will equip you to speak confidently and fluently. 
You'll learn 130+ daily life expressions that you can use to make plans, express your feelings, and communicate exactly what you want to say. Sample phrases: 1) Are you down for…? 2) I'll fill you in. 3) To crack up

Each week you’ll receive 2 detailed videos with teacher Cynthia explaining new phrases, grammar, and pronunciation. Additionally, each week you’ll receive dialogue practice, movie clips, learning strategies, culture tips, 2 quizzes, and a final exam. Grow your everyday English & fluency!





Course Testimonials


These courses with Cynthia have taught me to see English in a different way. My English has grown a lot. I have fallen in love with this language and I have a different perspective of what it is like to speak English without pressure and to feel confident.

Irina & Ana

Everyday English has helped us a lot! We feel more confident with American English. This course has helped us at our jobs and also with new friends.


Cynthia's online courses are helping my English be more fluent. I am learning so many new ways to express myself. Cynthia is a good guide and companion on this journey! Thank you. :)
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