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Hi! I’m Cynthia! I love people and I love teaching. I’ve been teaching English for more than 20 years and have helped thousands of students from around the world. I’m excited to be your teacher too.  

At English UNITE, we help you find your inner superpower–confidence and fluency in any language. You can join our conversation club, Speak Up, take private classes with me, or learn at your own pace with our courses and digital downloads. Our live classes and our online courses will not only teach you real-life, practical English, but they will also help you to think and learn differently. 

Ready to get to the next level in your English journey? Let’s UNITE!  
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Learn from your phone, tablet, or computer, anytime!

Practice with videos, movie clips, audio conversations, quizzes, and more!

Our conversation club will supercharge your knowledge, fluency, and confidence. 

Why English UNITE?

I chose English UNITE because it’s different. The experienced, positive and inspirational teacher Cynthia will be your English coach. She uses a new method based on improving your mental approach to the language. Both the courses and private classes have helped me grow so much in my English.
Buyer/Purchasing Officer, from Italy

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Level up your English with our online courses.

Learn real-life English, including pronunciation, vocabulary, phrasal verbs, everyday expressions, grammar, and culture tips. All courses include videos with teacher Cynthia.

Maximize your English with personalized classes.

Work one-on-one with Cynthia to reach your specific English goals. Our classes are interactive, personalized, and effective.
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CEO at social media experts
"Before I was resistant to English, but since I decided to try it with English UNITE, I fell in love with the language. Cynthia is very fun and creative for her classes. I'm learning English that really helps me!"


“I've become able to speak naturally day by day. In addition, Cynthia encouraged me, so I am getting more confident. I’ve learned about not only words and grammar, but also new strategies to speak English naturally."


"These courses are helping me communicate so much better. I'm learning really practical information I can use all the time, and the courses are interesting and fun too.”

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